SILK NECKLACE 3 Strand Twist Khmer Cambodia

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These necklaces are amazing.  Handmade silk covered beads in 3 strands that are twisted. Light and beautiful to wear.  

The necklaces are tied behind the neck with a silk bow, this allows the beads to be lowered if desired.

Cambodia's golden silk is spun from the cocoons of golden silkworms, rather than the white ones found elsewhere in the world. Our silk is washable, souple, strong, soft and shiny. It is cool on a hot day and warm during the cold season, lightweight and pleasant to wear.

Made by artisans affected by HIV or landmine injuries.

Measure 45cm bead twist with 25cm silk tie length

Fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable.

Washing instructions for silk 

1. Place the garment in cold water with a gentle detergent, as silk is like hair, a gentle shampoo will also do the trick.

2. Give it a stir, and let it sit for just a few minutes. Silk releases dirt quickly, so the process doesn't take long.

3. Next, drain the soapy mix and rinse with cool, running water.

4. Pat off excess water with a towel and allow to dry before putting away.

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