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Large banana bag made from an aguayo which has been handloomed. The aguayo blanket banana bag has a large zipped main body with a small front zipped pocket. This bag is not lined, it doesn't need it, so you can see the intricate looming from the inside.

This is a great bag for the gym or the beach, overnight stays and markets too. The long straps allow you to tie close to the bag to wear over your shoulder or close to their ends to use as a crossbody. Cotton blend.

Handmade in Peru.

Measures 107x38cm. Straps 58cm each.

About the Aguayo Blanket

The Aguayo is traditionally a rectangular carrying cloth used in communities in the Andes region of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. It is used to carry small children or various items on their backs.

The fabric is very colourful and consists of striped, geometric shapes and traditional symbols of birds, animals and folk legends. These colours and patterns change from region to region.

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