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Flat Tote Raffia Bag with Two Handles Raffia Large

Only flat until you start filling it.  This gorgeous bag is made from raffia with 2 sets of leather handles, so it can go over the shoulder or when too heavy be carried by hand.

This is a brilliant holiday bag, easily packed into your luggage. Very strong but light, it's a great everyday bag, or beach bag, or market bag, or ….

Easily cleaned with a moist cloth or if you get it covered in sand, hose it off. Dry in the shade and must be put away dry.

Measures 40cm wide x 33cm high x 19cm deep. Dual handles with longest drop of 30cm to the top of the bag.

Fair Trade, Eco-friendly, Sustainable.

About Raffia

Raffia is native to Madagascar and a sustainable resource to the country. Collectors go deep in the island to harvest the raffia fibre of the raffia palm tree, which grows in tropical regions of Madagascar. Each palm branch is made of nearly 100 leaflets, which are sustainably removed from the palms yielding long continuous fibres that are then dried before using.

Raffia strands have a natural resin, making them not only soft and smooth but just as resilient and strong. 

With a population of over 28 million citizens, Madagascar’s raffia industry employs over 2 million.


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