Om Stonewashed Patchwork Backpack

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Om Stonewashed Patchwork Backpack.

Om stonewashed patchwork backpacks made from 100% cotton with the front in mandala patterns. These backpacks have an appliqued large om sign on the front flap with smaller peace and spiral signs on the side pockets. The front and back or the backpacks are padded for comfortable wearing.

The main compartment is closed with a double tabbed zip and has a zipped pocket inside. They have a good sized front pocket with smaller pockets on each side. The front flap closes with velcro.

The backpacks are handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Measures  39cm x 32cm x 11cm.

These Om Backpacks are Fair trade, eco-friendly, sustainable.

** Please note that om stitching colour and mandala patterns may differ from photographs.

Nepalese stonewash.

Stonewashed products are each unique and very fashion forward. They are no longer used just in the more traditional boho styles.

The stonewashing is a textile process used to give new fabric a more worn in look. It also helps to make the fabric feel softer and more supple. Terrific with stiff cottons.

The process uses smooth stones to roughen up the fabric. Because of this process, the fabric will not fade or shrink.

The powers of Om.

Om - Wikipedia
Om (or aum) is often identified with meditation and tranquility for yoga patrons. However, the true meaning of Om comes from the Hindu religion. Om is written in the Hindu scriptures as the original vibration of the universe from which all other vibrations are able to manifest.

Om helps us connect with our own divine energy. It is believed that wearing the Om symbol calms your senses, relieves tension and generates consciousness.
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